Family Planning: Communities Who Get It!

When moving into a new neighbourhood, family heads can't help but wonder where they can find a community best suited for their family needs. Today, some communities set themselves apart but their new regulations set by the city council.


New Westminster can be considered ahead of the game; they know how important families are to a community and they want families to move in and stay in New West. How?


The city of New Westminster set a precident on making sure there are enough homes for families in the City. With detached homes rizing in purchase and rental prices, Jonathan Cote passed new regulations making it a must that all new buildings in the city, must contain a certain number of 3 bedroom units. Wow! (Read More Here)




Why is this important? It keeps the city viable for families. With plans of many new high rise towers soon to break ground on, you won't see new rental towers being built, of just 500 square foot bachelor suites (which was an actual proposed new tower on Carnarvon). 



Why stop there?



Port Coquitlam looked at starting a new Anti Bullying Bylaw, arising from the Amanda Todd case. (Read more here) These are the types of things communities can do to attract more families to the area. This bylaw isn't something new, Regina credits their Anti-Bullying bylaw for limiting problems with their children. (Read more here)


Communities can only see potential when they put family priorities first. What areas do you want to see more attention given to families in your community? Do you see any problems you want address?